ipl new rules 2023

New Rules In IPL 2023

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has gained a reputation for its inventive and captivating approach to cricket. The competition has implemented numerous new regulations to make the game more appealing and enjoyable for fans. The forthcoming season of IPL, IPL 2023, is set to introduce many novel rules to enhance the game further.
One of the new rules to be introduced in IPL 2023 is the restriction of the Powerplay overs. The first six overs of innings are referred to as the Powerplay, during which the fielding team can only have two fielders outside the 30-yard circle. In IPL 2023, a new rule will permit just three fielders outside the 30-yard circle during the Powerplay. This rule aims to create a fairer competition between the bat and the ball, resulting in a more balanced and competitive game.
Another new rule to be implemented is the Strategic Timeout. Previously, each team was allowed one Strategic Timeout during innings. However, from IPL 2023 onwards, two Strategic Timeouts will be allowed, each lasting for 2.5 minutes. The two timeouts are mandatory, and batting team can select when to take them. The timeouts will allow broadcasters to display commercials, and fans can use this time to take a break.

In IPL 2023, a new rule will be introduced called the Power Surge

This rule allows the batting team to request a Power Surge, wherein they can have two overs of fielding restrictions anytime between the 11th and 16th overs. This rule will make the game more thrilling and give the batting team a chance to take control of the match.

The player retention policy will also see changes in IPL 2023

Each team can retain up to four players, with a maximum of three Indian players. The retained players will have a higher salary cap than the other players in the auction, enabling teams to build a strong core of players.

Over-rate Penalties will also become more severe from IPL 2023

In the past, teams were penalized for slow over-rates, but the penalties needed to be more significant to deter teams from wasting time. From IPL 2023, teams will be punished harshly for slow over-rates, with one point deducted for every over that takes more than 90 minutes to complete. This rule will encourage groups to maintain a good over-rate, ensuring that matches are completed on time.

In IPL 2023, a free hit will be granted for all no-balls, including those due to foot faults or overstepping. This rule will make the game more thrilling and give the batting team an edge.
The Decision Review System (DRS) will also be implemented in all matches in IPL 2023. This system is expected to reduce the number of mistakes umpires make, resulting in a fairer outcome for both teams.
With numerous new regulations, IPL  promises to be an exciting season, providing fans with an enjoyable and competitive game. These changes aim to make the game more balanced, thrilling and competitive.

ipl new rules 2023